What is the future of The Simpsons video games?

2 thoughts on “What is the future of The Simpsons video games?”

  1. So I just read the entire thing and I do think what you said here is very interesting.
    It actually seems to me like The Simpsons is not interesting or big enough anymore to be worth making an entire proper game about. It’s been years since I’ve heard anyone mention the show and the last episode I liked enough to watch more than once was in season 23 (Beware my cheating Bart). Perhaps I have fond memories of seasons 23-25 because they came out when I was the biggest Simpsons fan I ever was, or maybe they actually werent’t that bad.
    Anyway, there’s no denying those seasons were definitely not as great as the earlier ones, and season 28 has just been a straight up disappointment. It’s stuffed with random references to popular things such as Game of Thrones, but worst of all, there are just things in the episodes that completely take you out of the story and put you back in your desk chair or couch because they’re so randomly weird but not in a good/funny way.
    All that aside, The Simpsons is no where near popular enough for any game developer to make an entire game about it. I’d say Simpsons games are long dead and buried, only remaining as a fond memory of some like Hit & Run, and a meh memory for Tapped Out.

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