Bond Revisited is a James Bond podcast I did with longtime YouTube collaborator honestom23 where we…revisited the James Bond films - who would have thought it?

Bond Revisited is a James Bond podcast I did with longtime YouTube collaborator honestom23 where we…revisited the James Bond films - who would have thought it?

Both being big Bond fans, Tom came to me with the idea of doing this as a project together to work our way through all 25 films in the series, reviewing and ranking them as we go.

It’s something that neither of us had properly done up until that point - definitively creating a full list of the films ranked from best to worst, watching them from Dr. No all the way through to No Time to Die. We started the podcast with an initial top five and bottom five list as something to compare against and see just how far our opinions changed by the end of it (and boy, some of them most certainly did).

So if you too are a 007 fan, join Tom and I in revisiting Bond as we discuss our way through each film individually and celebrate the long and varied history of cinema's most famous secret agent...

In case you’ve stumbled across here without knowing much else about the stuff I’ve made on YouTube - there’s plenty of James Bond content there too!

A thumbnail for the Dr. No episode of my James Bond review series
James Bond Reviews

A few years ago I started creating short reviews of the Bond films, with the goal of finishing them all just in time for Spectre's release. Unfortunately I ran out of time (and steam) and only reached up to Die Another Day a couple years later. I'm pleased with how they turned out, though they are very brief and don't go into much detail at all. Plus I'm sure my opinion about a lot of them has changed since then - but hey that's what the podcast was for!

(If there's any real reason to watch these, it's for the end-of-episode gags that I had far too much fun making sometimes.)

A thumbnail for the first episode of my James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Let's Play
Let's Play James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

This was a James Bond game I never played when I was younger, so when I discovered just how good it was during a livestream I had to do a full-blown series.

And in all honesty I think this is one of my most successful Let's Plays since I actually took the time to practice, do my research and try to make it as thorough as possible. Getting all those 'Bond moments' was tricky at times, but hey I did it! (Ignore the lack of gold rankings for most of the levels though...)

A thumbnail for the first episode of my 007 Week series where I played GoldenEye 007
007 Week

What better way to celebrate my seven year YouTube anniversary back in 2018 than with a whole (work) week dedicated to 007 games!

I had a go playing a selection of James Bond video games, from the classic that is GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 to the not-so-classic 007 Racing on the PS1. A mixed bag for sure, but it was nice to go back and either re-live some childhood nostalgia or experience a game for the first time.

A thumbnail for the first episode of my James Bond 007: Bloodstone Let's Play
Let's Play James Bond 007: Bloodstone

Ahh, this Let's Play. This one is a lot older than the James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing one...and it shows! I hadn't been making videos for a huge amount of time at this point and my skills with commentary and video quality weren't great.

It didn't help that this particular Bond game just isn't very good either - not awful, but fairly generic and repetitive. Quite why I chose it to be my first James Bond-related series I don't know.

A thumbnail for my video highlighting all the callbacks and references in Die Another Day
Die Another Day References

Technically this video is part of the James Bond review series above but I've separated it out because it's a bit different. After watching and reviewing Die Another Day and realising just how many references they put in there to celebrate the series' 40th anniversary, I thought it'd be fun to make a video highlighting them all*.

Bizarrely this video blew up on YouTube and has become my most popular upload and the only one to reach over a million views. I'd like to say that it's because of my editing and meticulous nature finding the references but let's be honest, it's probably because of Halle Berry on the thumbnail.

*I still missed a fair few that people mentioned in the comments, but I tried my best!

A thumbnail for a livestream archive playing James Bond 007: Nightfire
Random Livestreams

Throughout the many years I've been making videos, I've also livestreamed a fair bit too and many times it's been playing a James Bond video game.

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