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Bond on Location

James Bond is an international man of mystery. Oh no wait, that’s Austin Powers. Well the point still stands that 007 has visited an awful lot of countries and cities during his assignments the past 60 years. Which means for fans of the series there is no shortage of exotic filming locations across the world to follow in his footsteps.

My Big (Old) List of Point n' Clicks!

In an effort to clean up some space in my Google Drive, I’ve recently been going through some old documents and files on there to see what’s bin-worthy.

The blog gets a glow-up

Oh my giddy aunt, what do we have here? Well it was about time I gave some tender love and care to the blog, it’s been lingering and languishing in this little corner of the internet for far too long.

My Accidental 007 Day in London

Surprises are great aren’t they? Well, except the bad ones like unexpected bills, health concerns or global pandemics. But sometimes they can be nice. And I had a nice one last weekend when my partner and I visited London for a day out.

10 Years on YouTube

N.B. The following was a comment I posted on my 10 year anniversary video, uploaded on January 10th 2021 - I thought it best to make a blog post too!

Ten years condensed into five minutes. I uploaded the first video to my YouTube channel back on 10th January 2011 which means it’s been a whopping decade of Let’s Plays, livestreams, collaborations and more. Whilst you might expect a big, blowout anniversary special for reaching the big 1-0, I figured a simple montage would keep it short and sweet. And that also means no incessant rambling from yours truly! I figured I’d be best off writing something down instead of babbling and losing my train of thought narrating. Let’s go!