A Montage of Mucklucks

A few months back when I started to create regular content once again, I initially uploaded a welcome back video with a slightly different intro. One of the things I most wanted to do with my recent ‘rebrand’ was customise it to suit the particular series or Let’s Play it was in. Yellow for The Simpsons, wooden planks for Monkey Island - you get the point…

For my return I decided to go all out and try morphing my logo into all sorts of different games. It was a nice way to pass the time while not being able to record and the challenge of recreating some of the styles was actually really fun. I spliced them all together into a fast montage and bish, bash, bosh - intro made!

Then it occurred to me I never actually posted them anywhere on their own so here they are. The choice of games is pretty random to be honest so don’t take them as clues as to what I’ll be playing in the future. I just thought they all had distinctive styles that would stand out. The question is - can you name all the games they’re based on?

Celeste Chrono Trigger Crash Team Racing
Dead Space Gears of War God of War
Grim Fandango Halo 3 The Last of Us
Super Mario Galaxy Mass Effect The Secret of Monkey Island
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Overwatch Pokemon Gold
Portal 2 Psychonauts Sim City
SOMA Spelunky Super Mario Bros. 3

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past